Big Bang Theory Homework

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Big Bang Theory Homework
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1) Describe what existed before the universe was formed.

2) What are the three assumptions that are made about our universe? What do they mean?

3) Describe each of the eras of the Big Bang Theory.

4) Trace the temperature, size and density of the universe from its beginning to now.

5) How did protons and electrons form from energy? How about neutrons? Why can’t the protons form now?

6) Why was it an important event when radiation and matter became transparent to each other?

7) What era are we in right now? What is happening right now?

8) How does the fact that we can see objects that are many millions and billions of light-years away provide supporting evidence for the Big Bang Theory?

9) How does the measured temperature of the background radiation provide support for the Big Bang Theory?

10 What are the three possible outcomes for our universe? What property of the universe will determine this? Based on the available information what is the most likely outcome?

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