Crimes (Abolition of Offence of Abortion) Act 2002

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Australian Capital Territory

Crimes (Abolition of Offence of Abortion) Act 2002

Act 2002 No 24

An Act to amend the Crimes Act 1900, and for other purposes

Notified under the Legislation Act 2001 on 9 September 2002

The Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory enacts as follows:

1 Name of Act

This Act is the Crimes (Abolition of Offence of Abortion) Act 2002.

2 Commencement

This Act commences on its notification day.

3 Crimes Act 1900, sections 44 to 46


44 Abortion—abolition of common law offence

(1) Any rule of common law that creates an offence in relation to procuring a woman’s miscarriage is abrogated.

(2) This section expires 3 months after it commences.

(3) This section is a law to which the Legislation Act 2001, section 88 applies.


Republication of amended laws

1 For the latest republication of amended laws, see

[Presentation speech made in Assembly on 12 December 2001]
I certify that the above is a true copy of the Crimes (Abolition of Offence of Abortion) Bill 2002 which originated in the Assembly as the Crimes (Abolition of Offence of Abortion) Bill 2001 and was passed by the Legislative Assembly on 21 August 2002.
Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
© Australian Capital Territory 2002

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