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ExComm Conference Call


WA-BC Chapter American Fisheries Society

The Executive Committee of the WA-BC Chapter of the American Fisheries Society met via conference call on Monday, February 10, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

ExComm representatives present:

  • Brian Missildine (President)

  • Matt Klungle (President-Elect)

  • Mark LaRiviere (Vice President)

  • John Morgan (Past President)

  • Natalie Sopinka (Student Representative)

  • Martina Beck (Treasurer)

  • Orlay Johnson (Communications Officer)

  • Stephanie Caballero (Communications Officer)

Summary of Decisions/Votes/Motions/Agreements

  1. Orlay moved and Matt seconded the approval of the January 2014 ExComm meeting notes with no changes.

Officer Reports

  1. President’s Report (Brian Missildine): Brian Missildine reported on the motion from Tom Quinn to request the issue of capitalization of fishes common names to an AFS membership vote. Tom felt it was very undemocratic how it was handled. Brian suggested Survey Monkey for getting it out to the chapter membership. The chapter membership review can be either at the Business Meeting or via an electronic survey according to the Bylaws. The ExComm discussed that it may be better to do the vote at the AGM Business Meeting. The most recent version was sent out the Excomm this morning. The motion will be distributed to the Washington-BC chapter membership ahead of time and included on the Business Meeting agenda.

  1. President-Elect’s Report (Matt Klungle): Matt Klungle deferred most of his discussion to the 2014 AGM planning conference call immediately following this call. Matt mentioned the AFS emerging leaders mentorship award. He thinks very highly of the training and recommends folks to take advantage of this leadership training offer. Applications due in April.

  1. Vice President’s Report (Mark LaRiviere): Mark LaRiviere discussed most of his new business during the 2014 AGM planning conference call immediately following this call. Mark mentioned his initiative for the future – reaching out to British Columbia First Nations fisheries folks. He is looking for more contacts. Several ExComm members had suggestions and will email contacts. John specifically mentioned the Fraser River Aboriginal Fisheries Secretariat organization.

  1. Past President’ Report (John Morgan): John Morgan reported on the chapter awards – need to send out another solicitation. Need more suggestions/nominations. The deadline coming up and it would be OK to extend a bit. John has two nominations for the Worthy Coelacanth award. Stephanie Caballero will send out a list serve reminder. Nominations needed!

  1. Treasurer’s report (Martina Beck): 2014 AGM related business reported on the 2014 AGM planning conference call immediately following this call.

  1. Communications Officers’ Report (Stephanie Caballero, Orlay Johnson): Orlay Johnson reported he is working on the latest newsletter. Recently he, Megsie Siple, and Jessica Rohde, met with Andre Punt from UW to discuss how to get students more active. The discussion was recorded and will be transcribed for distribution. They also talked about student travel support. Orlay and members from the student chapter will meet with John Stein from NWMFS (Seattle center) on how to get more professional involvement at meetings. Stephanie Caballero reported that she has been sending out the list serves. Otherwise her tasks have revolved around the 2014 AGM.

  1. Student Representative’s Report (Natalie Sopinka): Natalie Sopinka reported that the student sub-unit has not met recently; however, they are talking about screening a movie for a fundraiser closer to the 2014 AGM.

  1. Student Representative’s Report (Megsie Siple): Megsie Siple sent in her report via email on February 9, 2014. “1.) AFSUW is hosting trivia night this week (the week of February 10th, 2014), and next week (the week of February 17th, 2014) we’re hosting a visiting speaker for a career development seminar, Dr. Erika Wagner (in Bagley Hall, 2-4pm). Our spring seminar speaker will be Kate Litle, Citizen Science Specialist with Washington Sea Grant, preliminary scheduled for March 31st. We have applied for two sources of external funding to host Dr. Wagner and will find out next week if we get the money. 2.) We have advertised the WA-BC meeting and associated student fellowships by email to the department (Tom Quinn reiterated it later in the week) and through Facebook, website, and Twitter. 3.) For the AGM: I have finished all the pieces of the display board and will take a picture Monday morning (February 10th, 2014) to send out. There is still time for me to change certain elements, so let me know what you think when you see it.”

Old/New Business

  1. Procedural Manual-update: Brian Missildine proposed updating the procedural manual. Job descriptions and other parts need updating. Generally agreed by all. Need the original Word file. Seek out past secretaries. No assignments made.

  1. Taxes: Martina Beck has received the previous year’s information. She is not too familiar with US tax system. She has reviewed the “survival guide” from the Parent Society. Brain Missildine has contacted the Parent Society for a review/help, but no response yet. The “survival guide” says to use the Parent Society address. This tax filing needs an accountant review – budgeted OK. Agreed by all. Hopefully either Parent Society or Western Division can suggest a procedure. Brian will check with them.

  1. Membership Fee: Brian Missildine brought up the issue of either ending the $5 membership fee or making it more equitable for all WA-BC members. Due to bylaw definition of chapter members all AFS members in Washington and British Columbia are chapter members. Not all check the box on the membership renewal form, but those that did resulted in ~$2,000 from Parent Society back to the chapter in 2013. This represents ~400 members who self-identify as WA-BC chapter members. It was agreed we do not want to lose the income or the membership. We recognize that some are not as interested in chapter affiliation more in national affiliation. We should encourage folks to click the $5 box when signing up – right now there are many delinquent folks. Stephanie Caballero will send out a list serve notification encouraging people to support the chapter by becoming members and financially supporting the chapter.

  1. Chapter of the Year Application: Brian Missildine does not have time to apply. Do we want to apply? We may not have enough “strength” to compete this year. Agree to let others apply for the award this year and maybe apply next year. Keep track of accomplishments, in the chapter newsletters primarily.

  1. WDAFS Awards: Brian Missildine reported that the Western Division is soliciting for awards nominations. All are welcome to make suggestions.

  1. New Student Subunit: Brian Missildine was contacted by Bellingham Technical College about staring a student sub-unit. Orlay Johnson and Brian have talked to them and encouraged them. We will help them with the paperwork, which can be daunting. All agreed to encourage them.

Committee Reports

  1. 2014 AGM Planning (Matt Klungle): Separate call. Matt Klungle will take notes and distribute to members of the ExComm.

Next Meeting

Upcoming meetings: Conference call on March 10th, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

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