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Explorers Quiz


Match each item with the correct statement.


Juan de Oñate


Moctezuma II


Pánfilo de Narváez




Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca








Alonso Álvarez de Pineda


Queen Isabella




Fray Marcos de Niza


the Columbian Exchange


Luis de Moscoso Alvarado


Hernán Cortés


Hernando de Soto

____ 1. African guide killed by the Zuni in 1539

____ 2. widespread outbreaks of disease

____ 3. royal governor of New Spain

____ 4. conqueror of the Aztec

____ 5. Spanish adventurer whose expedition ended in shipwreck on the Texas coast

____ 6. wild offspring of Spanish horses

____ 7. founder of New Mexico

____ 8. Spanish soldiers and adventurers in search of gold, glory, and land

____ 9. Spaniard who spent eight years among the Texas Indians in the 1500s

____ 10. ruler of the Aztec empire

____ 11. Spanish queen who supported the Columbus expedition

____ 12. that which brought European diseases to the New World

____ 13. explorer first sent by the Viceroy of New Spain to find the lost cities of gold

____ 14. Spanish explorer who assumed command after De Soto’s death and first explored East Texas

____ 15. Spaniard who spent two years exploring Florida and what is now the southeastern United States

Short Answer

16. What did Moscoso find in East Texas in the 1540s?

17. What superior weapons did the Spanish have and how did those advantages help the Spanish conquer the Aztec Empire?

18. Identify 4 explorers who went in search of Cities of Gold along with the area of Texas they passed through.

19. Identify two explorers who had interactions with the Karankawa tribe.

20. What did Friar Marcos de Niza mistake as a golden city? Why did it look like gold?

21. What country had the first settlement in Texas? Who was the explorer who led the settlement?

22. Which explorer was the first to see the Palo Duro Canyon while trying to find Quivira, a city of gold? What was the name of the Tigua Indian who was guiding him to Kansas?

23. Who lived with the native tribes of coastal and south Texas for 8 years before returning to Mexico City?

24. Who traveled with both Cabeza De Vaca and Friar Marcos de Niza?

25. Who was the first European to map the coast of Texas?

26. Who Captured Moctezuma II and conquered the Aztec Empire?

27. Which Spanish explorer was the first to find the Mississippi River?

28. Who was known as a shaman to the Indian tribes he encountered because he removed and arrow head from a man’s chest and stitched it up?

29. Who was a slave from North Africa?

30. Who received permission from King Phillip to go north of Mexico City with 500 people and build a colony names New Mexico?


31. What happened to the Aztec Empire?

32. "We Spaniards have a disease of the heart, for which the only cure is gold."  Cortes

What did Cortes mean by the quote above and how did it impact the conquistadores and the relationships with the native tribes that they encountered?

Explorers Quiz

Answer Section


1. ANS: K DIF: 2

2. ANS: F DIF: 1

3. ANS: J DIF: 2

4. ANS: H DIF: 1

5. ANS: B DIF: 2

6. ANS: L DIF: 1

7. ANS: A DIF: 2

8. ANS: D DIF: 1

9. ANS: C DIF: 2

10. ANS: I DIF: 1

11. ANS: M DIF: 1

12. ANS: G DIF: 2

13. ANS: N DIF: 1

14. ANS: O DIF: 2

15. ANS: P DIF: 2


16. ANS:

He found no gold, little food, and reported seeing what we now know was petroleum seeping from the ground.

DIF: 3

17. ANS:

Steel, long swords and horses. The steel was stronger than the Aztec weapons. The swords were longer and able to penetrate all the way through the Aztec warriors. The horses added meneuverability and gave the Conquistadores a godlike stature.

18. ANS:

Friar Marcus de Niza- west Texas, Cornado- panhandle of Texas, De Soto- East Texas, Estavanico- south and west Texas.

19. ANS:

Cabeza De Vaca, LaSalle

20. ANS:

A Zuni village with buildings made of adobe that was reflecting in the sun and looked like gold.

21. ANS:

France, LaSalle

22. ANS:

Coronado, The Turk (El Turco)

23. ANS:

Cabeza De Vaca

24. ANS:


25. ANS:


26. ANS:


27. ANS:

De Soto

28. ANS:

Cabeza de Vaca

29. ANS:


30. ANS:



31. ANS:

In 1519, Cortes sailed from Cuba with soldiers to invade what is now Mexico. When they landed, Cortes burned his boats so his men could not retreat. Then, learning of the Aztec and their treasures, Cortes marched on Tenochtitlán. Moctezuma, the Aztec ruler, offered gifts and peace, but the Spanish captured him and went to war with the Aztec. Finally in 1521, they were successful. Tenochtitlán was destroyed and Cortes built Mexico City on the ruins. Much of the Aztec treasure was sent to Spain.

DIF: 3

32. ANS:

That the Conquistadores would do anything to get gold. They would travel however far and kill whomever got in their way in order to find gold. They would destroy villages and ruin relationships with natives in order to fulfill their desires.

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