Junior English Writing Assignment: La Relacion

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Junior English Writing Assignment: La Relacion

  1. Please read question 7 found on page 79, the Biographical Context question under “Text Criticism.”

  2. Review La Relacion and look for details written by Cabeza de Vaca that would explain why, later in his life, he spoke out against the enslavement of Native Americans. (What were the experiences Cabea de Vaca had as a captive, a trader, and a healer among the Karankawas that might cause him to defend them?)

  3. As you review La Relacion, make written notes of the details you have found; with each note write down the page number and line number(s) where that information is found in the book.

  4. Think how to state your idea of Cabeza de Vaca’s point of view, as a topic sentence for this assignment.

Example: Cabeza de Vaca may have felt the Karankawa people should not be put into slavery because he thought they were…
Write your answer in three paragraphs.
The first paragraph identifies what your answer is about, and reveals the title of the work you are writing about and the name of its author. It also briefly states your idea about why he later defended the Native Americans.

In the later years of his life, the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca spoke out against the enslavement of Native Americans. In his book La Relacion he wrote about his experiences with the Karanwakas. He probably defended them in later years because…

The second paragraph contains the details you have found in Cabeza de Vaca’s writing that show what experiences he had among the Karankawas.

After his exploring party became lost in the area of the Gulf of Mexico, Cabeza de Vaca spent several years…

The third paragraph gives your explanation of how Cabeza de Vaca’s experiences influenced his thinking.

These experiences with the Karanwaka people may have caused Cabeza de Vaca to speak out for these Native Americans because…


This writing assignment will be graded on three of the six traits: Ideas and Content, Organization, and Mechanics. 30 points.

Download 7.79 Kb.

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