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Benedict Arnold

January 8, 2015



Benedict Arnold was a revolutionary war general. He was born in 1741 in Norwich, Connecticut and died June 14, 1801 in London, England. At the start of the Revolutionary War, Arnold was elected as captain of the Connecticut, Militia. He then received a colonel commission to attack Fort Ticonderoga. Together with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys. He took Ticonderoga in one of its first major victories for the colonies. But most of all he was known best for being a traitor when he changed sides from the United States to the British in 1779. Arnold began to sell secrets to the British. Secret correspondence passed between him and Major Andre, The British Spy chief. They used Benedict’s wife Peggy to pass letters written in code and invisible ink.

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Interesting Facts About Benedict Arnold

  • He was named after his great-grandfather Benedict Arnold who was once governor of the colony of Connecticut.

  • His fellow conspirator, Major Andre, was hanged by the Continental army for being a spy.

  • Arnold never received all of the 20,000 pounds he was promised by the British for becoming a traitor.

  • He is considered one of the biggest traitors in the history of the United States.

The name "Benedict Arnold" is often used as a synonym for "traitor".

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