Madison Middle School Crisis Management Plan

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Madison Middle School

Crisis Management Plan

A crisis at Madison Middle School is defined as an unstable or difficult time, or state of affairs where a situation has become very serious that may endanger the safety or well being of students, staff, or the facility.
Madison Middle School Chain of Command:

  1. Principal – Barbara Tipton

  2. Assistant Principal –Jennifer Caldwell

  3. School Resource Officer – Jonathan Austin

The school administration and Crisis Response Team members are in charge until local authorities arrive.
Members of the Crisis Response Team are:

Barbara Tipton

Jennifer Caldwell

Jonathan Austin

Sheila Fox

Staci Smith

Sarah Rathbone

Michelle Butler

Wanda Robinson

Lynn Rieger

Melissa Fowler

Tina Pegg

Michele Bailey

*In the unfortunate event that Madison Middle School needs to go in lockdown, you will hear the following announcement: “Attention, teachers we are in a Lock Down at this time.” It will also be announced for the response team to “respond” or “not respond.” This code will alert teachers to a lock down and should begin procedures outlined in case of a lockdown. Appendix I refers to steps that each teacher should follow in the event of a lockdown.

*All lockdowns should be called by an administrator first or then a member of the crisis response team in a calm, clear, and loud voice.
*If a lockdown is called by a teacher, the teacher should identify who they are and announce that we are in a lockdown in a calm, clear, and loud voice.
*When the lockdown is called, the following people should contact 911 and then Central Office (Someone at Central Office is designated to send out an Alert-Now call)

  1. Staci Smith

  2. Sheila Fox

*Should a situation arise where it is unsafe to remain on school campus and we need to evacuate by use of the school buses, all persons with a bus license should report to the bus lot immediately and await further instructions from the administrator in charge. Attached is a chart of what driver will take each bus and with designated homerooms. Please refer to Appendix I for details.

  1. Buses may load in the bus lot.

  2. Buses may line up in the front circle or in the road exiting the campus.

*Should a situation arise where it is unsafe to remain on school campus and we need to evacuate and the buses are not available, we should move by foot to the far end of the road behind Brush Creek Store. There is a large grass lot and the paved road for useable space.

*Should another school in our district need to use our school buses to evacuate, an announcement will be made for any or all of the following people to report the bus parking lot immediately:

Jennifer Caldwell

Allen Stines

Tiffany Golding

Marty Standridge

Darlene Johnson

Becky Morris

Jason Ponder

Jessie Norton

Amy Campbell

Sarah Rathbone

Daniel Goforth

Rebekah Huff

Madison Middle School recognizes the importance of a school plan that addresses crisis situations affecting students, staff and the facility. Also the school recognizes that all plans need to be as detailed as possible to address all possible situations and scenarios, that will assist in being prepared before a crisis occurs, preventing chaos.
The principal in coordination with the assistant principal shall be in charge during a crisis. It is the practice of Madison Middle School that an administrator is always present each day during regular school hours. These individuals will provide leadership during emergency situations, to organize activities, and to disseminate information to the staff. The principal will act as the liaison between the emergency preparedness organization and local law enforcement. These individuals, as well as the Crisis Management Team, will wear identification badges that designate them as contact/communication personnel with students, staff and local assisting agencies.

Amendment (9/25/09)

Crisis Plan for H1N1/Flu
Chain of Command:

1. Prinicpal

2. Assistant Principal

3. SRO/Social Worker/School Counselor

4. Central Office – Deborah Frisby, Christiaan Ramsey, Will Hoffman

When subs are exhausted, custodial positions will be filled with TA’s, student services staff, office personnel, and maintenance staff from district. (See checklist of duties)


Staci Smith or someone from another school will complete required financial reports, checks, etc… Michael Wallin, Jeff Huey, and Deborah Frisby will assist.

Bus Drivers:

When all subs are exhausted, transportation will be called for assistance:

1. Jennifer Caldwell

2. Allen Stines


When all subs have been exhausted, TA’s, student services staff, and office personnel will assist. Contact central office for further assistance.

1. Reta Boone

2. Tina Patterson

Teacher Substitutes:

If all subs have been exhausted, positions will be filled with TA’s and anyone else who does have regularly scheduled classes. Central office will be contacted for further assistance. We can also use subs to cover during scheduled planning periods. Teachers may be asked to cover during planning periods. Teams and departments may be asked to help cover classes within their team or department.

1. Sheila Fox

2. Staci Smith

3. Tina Pegg

A. Pro-Active Procedures
Crisis Drills will be regularly conducted at Madison Middle School. All staff will be instructed in drills for procedures during the facility lockdown (intruder in the building or on school grounds) or emergency evacuation (bomb threat, explosion, fire, earthquake, etc.). See Appendix I for detailed procedures. Crisis drills will be held as staff development activity during mandatory workday. Drills will be done to cover every class period, including lunch and elective schedules for students. It is imperative that every teacher/staff member know what to do at any time of the school day to assist in student safety or evacuation as related to various crisis situations.
Emergency Procedures Manual: Each staff member has been issued a flip-chart Manual titled, “Crisis Management Plan for Teachers” that addresses steps to assist school personnel in resolving major emergencies as a precaution to student and staff safety. These manuals have been attached to the insides of all the doors in all classrooms and activity areas at Madison Middle School.
Crisis Team: A crisis team is in place and has been identified by all staff as communicators and directors during a facility crisis. See Appendix II for list of members and detailed descriptions of duties.
Counselor Support: A plan is in place to deal with events that may lead to serious emotional distress of student or staff as a result of injury or death to school groups. All counselors of the Madison County Schools will available to Madison Middle School immediately as a result of traumatic events. All counselors have been trained and necessary record keeping is in place.

Hot Line: In the event of a bomb threat by phone, each phone has a designated placement for a set of questions to ask the caller. Personnel who have direct access to phones have been trained in questioning procedures as an effort to gain information from the caller and keep the individual on the line in order to trace the call. The Madison County Sheriff’s Department has put in effect procedures to trace bomb threat calls at Madison Middle School.
***Record as many of the caller’s exact words as possible.***

Bomb Threat Call Checklist

Record information here

  1. When is the bomb going to explode?

  2. Where did you place the bomb?

  3. What does the bomb look like?

  4. What kind of bomb is it?

  5. What will cause the bomb to explode?

  6. Did you place the bomb?

  7. Why did you place the bomb?

  8. What is your name?

  9. What is your address?

Identifying Information

Record information here

Sex of the caller

Accent (if detectable)

Time of the call

Did voice sound like an adult?


B. During Crisis

In the event, procedures will be followed as outlined in the Crisis Management Plan. The Crisis Management Team will play the major role with facility, student and staff management. The Crisis Management Team will also be the key communicators of information.

C. Post Crisis

After any situation that deemed itself at the crisis level, the Crisis Management Team will meet to assess strengths and weaknesses of actions. Any reports necessary will be filed and written adjustments to plans and procedures will be made.

Training the Crisis Response Team (CRT)

Members of the Crisis Response Team will receive appropriate training to help them fulfill their roles more capably. Types and amounts of training for staff members will depend upon that person’s anticipated responsibilities. The CRT will receive in-house training as well as additional support from local law enforcement and emergency management teams from Madison County. Most team members have received training in First Aid. This team will also receive any other training deemed as necessary by the Superintendent or the Madison County Board of Education.

General staff members will receive basic awareness information in several areas and a thorough briefing on school procedures.
Establish a Police Liaison

The School Resource Officer shall serve as a liaison between the school administration and local law enforcement. The School Resource Officer is the person who will report any crisis to the local law enforcement and exchange relevant information that can be released. The School Resource Officer will in turn relay all information to the administration and CRT.

Media Liaison and Facilities for release of information

In the event of a crisis situation at Madison Middle School, all communication with the public (parents and media) will be handled through the superintendent’s office. Headquarters for release of information will be at Central Office. The superintendent’s office will designate the school system’s media liaison.

Working Relationship with community health agencies and resource groups

Madison Middle School will work with emergency preparedness for assistance with community resources. This includes coordination of agencies, etc. and contacts. The list of available resources is contained in Appendix V with name of service provider, phone number, and CRT member or designated staff member contact person.

Phone Trees

Information that needs to be communicated quickly for maximum and immediate assistance will be done through a planned phone tree. Appendix III is Madison Middle School’s phone tree.

Meeting Space- Community/Service Providers

Meeting Space for dissemination of information for parents and community will be the auditorium at Madison High School. In times of crisis management, Madison Middle School will designate in-house locations for service providers.

Forms and Information Sheets

The Crisis Management Plan contains several forms that will assist in management and follow-up of crisis situations. These are contained in Appendix IV. In the event for need of language translation, Ms. Lynn Rieger, Spanish teacher, will assist as well as teachers of other languages from Madison High School.

Emergency Coverage of Classes

Staff who play significant roles in crisis response at Madison Middle School and are part of the CRT are not assigned to classes with the exception of Allen Stines, Becky Brookshire, and Jason Ponder. In the event of a crisis these classes will be covered by appropriate personnel, if necessary.

Legal Review of Crisis Plan

The school board attorney will review all plans and give legal perspectives and recommendations.

Crisis Alert” Practice Session

Staff and students should participate annually in different practice crisis situations, including but not limited to lockdown drills, evacuation drills, fire drills, and tornado drills. Students will receive information on crisis alert procedures after fire/evacuation drills by class teachers.

Annual In-Service

Annual in-service will be held yearly with a review of procedures and the Safe Schools/Crisis Management Plan which is a part of the Madison Middle School Handbook for Teachers and Staff. New teachers will be required to view the safety video entitled, “The First Twenty Minutes.” Other teachers may view this as a refresher if they wish.

Madison Middle School

Crisis Management Plan

Appendix I- Procedures
Crisis Drills/Evacuations

As a part of Madison Middle School’s safe school plan all staff will be participating in a crisis drill procedure/evacuation plan. Drills will cover every class period, including lunch and elective schedules for students. It is imperative that every teacher knows what to do at any time of the school day to assist in student safety or evacuation as related to various crisis situations. The following procedures will be used.

Lock Downs

Responsibility for a safe and orderly environment falls upon all school personnel. These environments do not happen by chance but are created, in part, by a staff that respects individuality, embraces diversity, and accepts students for who they are while challenging them to become all they can be. Therefore, all school personnel are charged with promoting high standards for school safety, supporting the superintendent and principals in carrying out the Safe School Plan, and reporting all unsafe activities to administrators.

Despite the best efforts of all concerned, there may be times when an emergency occurs that will require us to institute a lock down. In these cases you will be informed over the intercom or in person that a “Lock Down” is in effect. The following steps should immediately happen. You will hear one of the two following two announcements: “Lock Down- Respond” or “Lock Down-No Response”. The Crisis Response Team should follow the steps below:
1. Lock Down—Respond: Crisis Response Team Report to Command Center- Conference Room

(unless you have students! Only report if it is your planning time!)

2. Lock Down-No Response: Situation is too Unstable-Freeze-Stay Where you are.

3. Code Green- All Clear: The situation is resolved and it is safe to open classrooms doors.
Classroom Teachers/Aides Responsibilities

  • Close and lock classroom doors. Doors in between rooms should be locked as well.

  • Make a list of all students not in the classroom when Lock Down declared.

  • Make another list of students with you but not assigned to you.

  • Maintain order and keep students calm and quiet.

  • Gym Area-Students should go into the locker rooms with teachers and lock both doors.

  • Serious threat- desks and tables should be turned on their sides and placed in corner of room furthest from the door and/or ground level windows.

  • Close all window blinds/cover glass windows in classroom doors.

  • If in cafeteria, close and lock all doors, tables and chairs pulled along concrete walls.

  • Teachers should remain in their room and not answer intercom or phone calls during lock down or respond to fire drill. (Common sense should prevail)

  • Do not leave students unsupervised or send them anywhere during the lock down.

  • Green Card: If the situation in your room is stable- everyone is accounted for, no one is injured, and there is no threat to anyone in your classroom- slide the green card under your door and place one in window.

  • Red Card: If the situation in your room is unstable- you have students who are missing from the room, you have an injured student in the room, or if there is a threat of some type in your room, slide the red card under your door and place in your window.

  • A room with no card outside the door will be treated as a room where the descriptions for the red card apply.


All evacuations will be done to the buses, unless otherwise announced. In an effort to not alarm students or cause panic, we will practice this drill several times as to acquaint them with this procedure. Check your bus assignment for your homeroom name from the attached list. In case of the necessity for an evacuation or during a practice drill, the announcement will be made for all teachers to bring their classes to the bus parking lot. This announcement will only be made during a practice drill or during a real evacuation.

Students and staff will evacuate the building immediately, reporting to the back of the building in the bus parking lot. Students should not be allowed to go to lockers or take book bags. Prior to leaving their classrooms, teachers, because they are knowledgeable of what is in their room, should conduct a quick check of their area. Be alert for suspicious items such as articles/packages. Any suspicious items should be reported ASAP to administration. Do not touch any suspicious items. Teachers should stand by assigned buses. Students will board buses by homeroom teacher.
In the event that we must evacuate from the school site, buses will take students and staff to the gym at Madison High School. Teachers must ride buses with students. The following teachers will be in charge of student dismissals upon arrival at the Madison High School Gym:

  1. Jason Ponder

  2. NicoleWillis

  3. Daniel Goforth

  4. Tammy Kent

  5. Marty Standridge

  6. Roslyn Carney

All students released to parents must be signed for on proper forms held by these teachers.

All teachers will bring students to the back of the building to the bus parking lot. Students will board assigned buses by homerooms. Each homeroom teacher will be assigned a bus number. Homeroom teachers should bring their class to the bus parking area and then stand in front of the assigned slot and bus to help with getting their homeroom students on the correct bus. Homeroom teachers must have their homeroom attendance roster with them and they must check the attendance before we depart from the campus. Teachers who do not have a homeroom, should bring their class to the bus parking lot, help with getting all students on assigned buses, and then board their assigned bus to help with supervision.

At the time of evacuation, the Assistant Principal will take charge of the students and faculty upon arrival at Madison High School. Mr. Ponder will be her assistant. Mr. Ponder will be the lead teacher in charge of student dismissals upon arrival at Madison High School. Mr. Ponder will be assisted by Nicole Willis, Daniel Goforth, Tammy Kent, Marty Standridge, Roslyn Carney, and other elective teachers available. Sheila Fox and Tina Pegg will also assist Mr. Ponder upon their arrival.


Bus Number









































Students/Staff who need Special Assistance in Crisis/Evacuation

Students in wheelchairs should exit the building from the floor they are on at the time of an evacuation/fire drill. If on the first floor, exit at the north entrance. If on the second floor exit at 6th grade outside entrance. Assistants should be assigned to these students with a teacher as a back-up. All individuals involved should review their roles together prior to the practice drill.

Name: Assistance Needed:
____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________



____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________



____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________



____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________



____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________



____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________



____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________


Sweep Team and First Responder

As students and faculty are exiting the building, the sweep team will stay behind and quickly go through the building to make sure all students have exited the building to the bus parking lot.

Sweep Team Members/Duties:

  1. Jonathan Austin/Michelle Butler/Sheila Fox- 7th grade hall, gym, dressing rooms, electives areas.

  2. Tina Pegg/Staci Smith- Student Services hall, restrooms, main office, back staircase.

  3. Wanda Robinson- 6th grade hall, restrooms, media center.

  4. Tina Eastman- drama lecture hall and cafeteria.

  5. Sarah Rathbone/Melissa Fowler- 8th grade hall, restrooms.

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