Semester: Summer Session II, 2005

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Intro to Theatre

Semester: Summer Session II, 2005

Location: Chapell Wilson 105

Days/Times: Noon on 7/8, 7/15, 7/22, 7/28, 8/5 and Online

Instructor: Professor Gordon Hensley BS/MFA, Assistant Professor of Theatre

Email: ################

Office: CW 109B Phone: ########

*This syllabus has multiple pages


A non-technical course for students with little or no theatrical background. A survey of all phases

of theatre. CORE: HUMANITIES


To become aware of the theatre form via lecture, research, and viewing live theatre and to explore four areas:

I. The Theatre Experience
7/8 The Nature of Theatre
7/8 Performance, Audience, and Critic

II. Structure, Form, and Style
7/14 The Playscript
7/15 Playwriting and Dramaturgy

III. Historical Perspectives
7/21 Greek, Roman, and Medieval Theatre
7/21 England Italy and France
7/22 Melodrama to Realism
7/22 The Modernist Temperament
7/22 Contemporary Diversity

IV. Production Personnel
7/27 Directing and Producing
7/27 Acting
7/27 Theatrical Spaces
7/28 Scenic Design
7/28 Costumes and Makeup
7/28 Lighting and Sound

This class is formatted to include CD-ROM reading, research, participating in group discussions, activities, and Internet correspondence. Modules include:


CD-ROM – Introduction to Theatre CD ROM

The Theatre Experience by Wilson, and/or The Essential Theatre by Brockett


All pagers and cell phones must be turned off or set to vibration mode during class time.

In addition to academic performance, students should exhibit the qualities of honesty and integrity. Any form of dishonesty, cheating, fabrication, facilitation of academic dishonesty, and plagiarism will make you subject to disciplinary action. Refer to the student handbook for information regarding institutional policy and due process procedures. All students are expected to do their own homework and readings. Handing in someone else’s work is a form of plagiarism and will be treated as such.


This class has a WebCT page. Log in regularly to submit work, check your grades, personal messages, and view the course materials.

  1. Go to (or click AppalNET from the ASU main page)

  2. Log in to your AppalNET account

  3. Click on this class title listed under “My Classes”

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory. This class meets on the following dates:
12 noon, Friday, July 8 - Orientation - Lecture on Module 1
12 noon, Friday, July 15 - Lecture on Module 2
12 noon, Friday, July 22 - Lecture on Module 3
12 noon, Thursday, July 28 - Lecture on Module 4

12 noon, Friday, August 5 – Play Discussion & Class Closure
25% per absence will be deducted from your final grade for each absence. Three (3) tardies or leaving class early three (3) times is equivalent to one absence. This policy is not flexible. Please do not ask for exemption. Official college activities are excused only with permission forms.
Adverse Weather:

If for any reason this individual class is cancelled due to weather, the first place it is posted is on WebCT. In addition, a recorded message announcing a change in ASU’s normal operation will be available at (828) 262-SNOW.


Your participation in group activities and discussions reflect your academic sincerity. If you have any particular needs (accessibility, medical situations, etc.) please let the instructor know. We will make accommodations for limitations due to any disability, including learning disabilities.


All non-journal assignments must be typed in twelve (12) point font, double spaced, and formatted properly. Points will be deducted for grammatical errors. Assignments will not be accepted after 5:00 p.m. on the due date.

  • No late work unless it is arranged with the instructor prior to the due date.

  • Technology failure is not an acceptable excuse for incomplete assignments.


Your academic progression will be assessed by quizzes or presentations in class. “Pop-quizzes” might also be used. There will not be a final exam.

In college, communication with your instructors is the key to being a successful student. Stay in touch, and remember to use your university email address. If you contact the instructor via AIM, please identify yourself and be polite.

Virtual Office: AIM: profhensley

In-Person Office Hours: By Appointment

All students shall be responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that helps enhance an environment of learning in which the rights, dignity, worth, and freedom of each member of the academic community are respected.


See Live Theatre and Write Critiques

See two theatre performances. Post your critiques on the discussion board. Each critique must be 1000 (One-thousand) words, and is due ONE WEEK from opening night. In your critique, address these areas of theatrical performance: Plot, character, thought (or themes), actor performance (characterization, diction, imagination, believability, movement, etc.), and spectacle (scenery, props, effects, etc.). The shows are:

Silver River
By Romulus Linney
Valborg Theatre
Tickets: $6 at the door (reserved for us)
Time: 8:00 pm – 10:00 p.m.
Date: July 7th (Before our 1st meeting!)

Don’t Stray from the Path!

By The Green Bean Players
IG Greer Arena Theatre
Tickets: $5 at the door
Time: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Date: July 16th

Navigate Four Modules

The class content is on the CD-ROM. Explore this content in its four modules. There are assignments in each module. The assignments are as follows:

CHAT/POST: 50 Points
Log in to WebCT. Click on the "Discussions" link to the left. Discussions > Module # Post > Compose Discussion Message. 100 word minimum required. For full credit, refer to the course materials in your response.

RESEARCH: 50 Points
Log in to WebCT. Submit a link to the instructor that you think would be good to include in this module. This is done as a quiz question. Click on the "Quizzes" link to the left, and click "Module # Link Submission." Your link is the answer to the question. Copy and paste it into the text box.

QUIZ: 100 Points
Log in to WebCT. Click on the "Quizzes" link to the left and take the Module # Quiz. This is where you put all the module information together. Questions will come from the readings, Powerpoints, vocabulary words, and summary sheets. This quiz is easy, but pay attention to how the quiz "works" so you'll be ready as they get more complex. Pay attention to the questions, you might see them again later!

There are a total of 1000 points in this class. Each module totals 200 points each, the play critiques are 100 points each, and then you have the option of adding extra credit points at the end. Grades may be viewed online at any time by logging into WebCT and clicking on "My Grades" to the left.

Module 1

Post - 50 pts.

Link - 50 pts.

Quiz - 100 pts.

Module 2

Post - 50 pts.

Link - 50 pts.

Quiz - 100 pts.

Module 3

Post - 50 pts.

Link - 50 pts.

Quiz - 100 pts.

Module 4

Post - 50 pts.

Link - 50 pts.

Quiz - 100 pts.

Play Critique 1

100 pts.

Play Critique 2

100 pts.

Total: 200 pts.

Total: 200 pts.

Total: 200 pts.

Total: 200 pts.

Total: 100 pts.

Total: 100 pts.


A: 900-1000 points | B: 800-899 points | C: 700-799 points | D: 600-699 points


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