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The following roster of courses consists of all ARTS courses currently approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for transfer from Lower Division programs to Upper Division programs in Texas.

Courses preceded by an asterisk (*) indicates the course is one of the fifteen most taught Lower Division ARTS courses in the roster from the TASA Summary of Courses 2006-2007.*

It is the responsibility of the student and advisors to check with the Upper Division institution receiving the transfer for verification of transfer into their program.

Questions or issues concerning transfer of courses should first be addressed to the receiving institution, and to the transferring college or university. Also refer to the THECB LOWER DIVISION ACADEMIC COURSE GUIDE MANUAL RULE §4.24 General Provisions; §4.25 Requirements and Limitations; RULE §4.26 Penalty for Noncompliance with Transfer Rules; and RULE §4.27 Resolution of Transfer Disputes for Lower-Division Courses.


ARTS (Studio Art & Art History)

*ARTS 1301 Art Appreciation 50.0703.51 26

Exploration of purposes and processes in the visual arts including evaluation of selected works.

*ARTS 1303 Art History I 50.0703.52 26

*ARTS 1304 Art History II 50.0703.52 26

Examination of painting, sculpture, architecture, and other arts from prehistoric to present time.

*ARTS 1311 Design I (2-dimensional) 50.0401.53 26

*ARTS 1312 Design II (3-dimensional) 50.0401.53 26

Elements and principles of art using two- and three-dimensional concepts.

ARTS 1213 Foundations of Art (2 SCH version) 50.0701.51 26

ARTS 1313 Foundations of Art (3 SCH version) 50.0701.51 26

ARTS 1413 Foundations of Art (4 SCH version) 50.0701.51 26

Introduction to the creative media designed to enhance artistic awareness and sensitivity through the creative and imaginative use of art materials and tools. Includes art history and culture through the exploration of a variety of art works with an emphasis on aesthetic judgment and growth.

*ARTS 1316 Drawing I 50.0705.52 26

*ARTS 1317 Drawing II 50.0705.52 26

Investigation of drawing media and techniques including descriptive and expressive possibilities.

ARTS 1320 Interior Design I 50.0408.51 26

ARTS 1321 Interior Design II 50.0408.51 26

Studio course in interior design. Includes instruction in professional techniques of designing the interiors of homes, offices, and industrial buildings.

ARTS 1325 Drawing & Painting 50.0708.51 26

Drawing and painting for non-art majors.

*ARTS 2311 Design III 50.0401.53 26

ARTS 2312 Design IV 50.0401.53 26

Elements and principles of art using two- and three-dimensional concepts. (may be 2-D, 3-D, color, or combinations thereof)

ARTS 2313 Design Communications I 50.0401.51 26

ARTS 2314 Design Communications II 50.0401.51 26

Communication of ideas through processes and techniques of graphic design and illustration.

*ARTS 2316 Painting I 50.0708.52 26

*ARTS 2317 Painting II 50.0708.52 26

Exploration of ideas using painting media and techniques.

*ARTS 2323 Life Drawing I (3rd semester drawing) 50.0705.53 26

ARTS 2324 Life Drawing II (4th semester drawing) 50.0705.53 26

Basic study of the human form.

*ARTS 2326 Sculpture I 50.0709.51 26

ARTS 2327 Sculpture II 50.0709.51 26

Exploration of ideas using sculpture media and techniques.

*ARTS 2333 Printmaking I 50.0710.51 26

ARTS 2334 Printmaking II 50.0710.51 26

Exploration of ideas using various printmaking processes.

ARTS 2336 Fiber Arts I 50.0712.51 26

ARTS 2337 Fiber Arts II 50.0712.51 26

Structure and design of woven and non-woven fiber forms.

ARTS 2341 Art Metals I 50.0713.51 26

ARTS 2342 Art Metals II 50.0713.51 26

Exploration of ideas using basic techniques in jewelry and metal construction.

*ARTS 2346 Ceramics I 50.0711.51 26

ARTS 2347 Ceramics II 50.0711.51 26

Exploration of ideas using basic ceramic processes.

ARTS 2348 Digital Art I 50.0402.51 26

ARTS 2349 Digital Art II 50.0402.51 26
Studio art courses that explore the potential of the computer hardware and software
medium for their visual, conceptual, and practical uses in the visual arts.
*ARTS 2356 Photography I (fine arts emphasis) 50.0605.51 26
(Also see COMM 1318 for journalism emphasis) Introduction to the basics of photography.
Includes camera operation, techniques, knowledge of chemistry, and presentation skills.
Emphasis on design, history, and contemporary trends as a means of developing an
understanding of photographic aesthetics.
(Cross-listed, with journalism emphasis, as COMM 1318)
ARTS 2357 Photography II (fine arts emphasis) 50.0605.52 26
(Also see COMM 1319 for journalism emphasis)
Extends the students' knowledge of technique and guides them in developing personal
outlooks toward specific applications of the photographic process. Prerequisite:
Photography I or its equivalent. (Cross-listed, with journalism emphasis, as
COMM 1319
ARTS 2366 Watercolor I 50.0708.53 26

ARTS 2367 Watercolor II 50.0708.53 26

Exploration of ideas using water-based painting media and techniques.
ARTS 2289 Academic Cooperative (2 SCH version) 24.0103.52 12

ARTS 2389 Academic Cooperative (3 SCH version) 24.0103.52 12

An instructional program designed to integrate on-campus study with practical hands-on work experience. In conjunction with class seminars, the individual student will set specific goals and objectives in the study of studio art and/or art history.
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