The Italian Renaissance New Ways to See the World

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The Italian Renaissance

New Ways to See the World

  1. The Renaissance period brought new ways of ______________________ in Medieval Europe.

  2. During the Middle Ages people in Europe were devoted to ____________________. However by the 1300’s scholars began to study other _________________ besides religion.

  3. What subjects did they begin to study? (Look through the entire section 2 and circle all that apply)

History Chemistry Electronics Public speaking Art

Literature Architecture Math Astronomy

  1. Together these subjects are called what?

  2. The people of the Renaissance were still devout Christians. True or False

  3. People’s renewed interest in the humanities led them to study and rediscover the ______________.

  4. People trying to escape the Turks brought what with them to Italy?

  5. From what two ancient civilizations did Italian scholars get texts which helped them rediscover the glory of these civilizations?

  6. Besides literature what were some other sources of inspiration for the Renaissance artists and architects? (There are 2 answers)

        1. 2.

Italian Writers

  1. Name two Italian writers that contributed to works of literature in the Renaissance.

  2. _________________ __________________ wrote in Italian rather than ___________________, the language of the church. By doing this he showed people that their ________________ was as good as Latin.

  3. _____________________ _______________________ wrote The ______________________. It gave leaders advice on how they should _________________. He argued that sometimes ____________________ had to be ruthless to keep __________________.

Italian Art and Artists

  1. A new discovery that was a method showing a three dimensional scene on a flat surface that looks real was called what?

  2. Name 4 great Renaissance artist mentioned in the book and something interesting about them.

  1. Who is considered a true genius of the Renaissance?

Science and Education

  1. Renaissance scientist thought that mathematics could help them understand what?

  2. These renaissance scholars studied what and built upon them to advance themselves in mathematics?

  3. What great architectural genius from the Renaissance is known for using mathematics to strengthen architecture? He also built the “impossible” dome on the Duomo cathedral.

  4. In the Middle Ages scientist thought the ____________ and ______________ revolved around the __________________. Renaissance scientist discovered that the earth actually revolves around the ______________.

  5. Changes in education were required during the Renaissance. What subject received more attention as a result and was emphasized by scholar named Petrarch?

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