Unit 2: The American Revolution and the Revolutionary War

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Unit 2: The American Revolution and the Revolutionary War

Chapters 5 & 6 (pgs. 138 – 197) SOL: VUS.4

I. Events Leading to Revolution


1. Boycott

2. Mercantilism

Key Questions

  1. Which differences between the 13 Colonies would have made their uniting difficult?

  1. How did the French & Indian War help lead to the American Revolution?

Albany Plan of Union

Whose Idea: _____________________________________

When : During the …_______________________________

What did it call for?

How many colonies approved it? __________








  1. Why would Britain be helped by having their American colonies’ trade their crops and goods with Britain only?

  1. Do you think this system was a “win-win” situation for both the Colonies and for Britain? Explain.

This is a picture of….

Created by: _______________________
What does the picture get wrong?



5. Propaganda –

6. How was the Revere’s depiction of the Boston Massacre an example of Propaganda?


7. Crispus Attucks --

8. Sons of Liberty --

9. Patriots --

10. Loyalists/Tories --

11. Patrick Henry’s famous quote – “________________________________________”

  1. Why did the colonists protest the Stamp Act and other tax laws?


Hence, “ No _________________ Without ___________________”

Matching – Match the following events of the American Revolution with the correct description

a. Boston Tea Party

f. Boston Massacre

b. Stamp Act

g. French and Indian War

c. Intolerable Acts

h. Townshend Acts

d. Proclamation Act of 1763

I. First Continental Congress

e. Tea Act

j. Battles of Lexington and Concord

_____ 13. Conflict b/w Britain and France over control of the Ohio River Valley

_____ 14. Banned Colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains

_____ 15. British tax levied on legal documents, calendars, playing cards, newspapers and all other paper products.

_____ 16. British tax levied on glass, nails, paint and tea; led to the formation of the Sons of Liberty

_____ 17. Conflict b/w an angry mob of colonists and British soldiers resulting in the death of 5 citizens; used for propaganda to drum up support for the Patriot Cause

_____ 18. British tax protested by colonists b/c it also gave a monopoly on trade to the East India Company.

_____ 19. Event in which members of the Sons of Liberty poorly disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded a British ship and destroyed British property

_____ 20. 1.) Closed the Port of Boston, 2.) revoked Massachusetts charter, 3.) ended town meetings (ability to self govern), 4.) Sent 3,000 British troops to occupy Boston

_____ 21. Meeting of 12 out of the 13 colonies to discuss the abuses of the Intolerable Acts; First time colonies gathered and acted as one

_____ 22. Sparking event of the Revolutionary war where the “Shot Heard Around the World” was fired b/w British soldiers and colonial Minutemen.

“The British are coming!”
What is the significance of the following quotes?

“Shot Heard Around the World…”

“One if by land, two if by sea…”

Great Britain (the Redcoats) vs. The Continentals (Americans)






Picture Vocab Word Definition


Natural Rights

Reminds me of:


Social Contract

Reminds me of:

The Declaration of Independence

What date was it “signed?”

______ ___, ______

Written by:

__________ ___________

Edited by:

___________ __________


___________ __________

What was his pamphlet/book called?

___________ _________

Who’s list of wrongs done by the King were included in the Declaration of Independence?

___________ _________

Who’s original concept of Natural Rights are included in the Declaration of Independence?

___________ _________

description: http://www.founding.com/repository/imglib/20071018_declaration.jpg


Why was it so dangerous for these men to sign their names to this document?


  • Declaration of Independence is written

    • Taxation Without Representation

    • Revoked Charters

    • Proclamation Line

The Revolutionary War (Battles)


Valley Forge

Reminds me of:


Turning Point

Reminds me of:

Map Directions: 1. Label each of the original 13 Colonies with the correct abbreviation. Highlight the name of the battle in the textbox on the right, then draw an arrow to the battle site on the map on the left. Highlight it the same color.

1st Battle/Skirmish:

  • ______________ & _____________

  • State: __________________

  • When: _________________

  • What’s the big deal?

Battle of Saratoga

  • State: __________________

  • When: _________________

  • What’s the big deal?

    • It’s the ___________ ________

    • Helped Ben Franklin convince the ___________ that we could win so they decided to become our ________

Battle of Yorktown

  • State: __________________

  • When: _________________

  • What’s the big deal?

Who was the Commanding General of the Continental Army?

Who was the British General that surrendered at Yorktown?

Create Your Own Graphic Organizer
Based on what you’ve learned during this unit, figure out what could go in the following graphic organizers to make them work.

Web Chart

Explain how it all relates to each other:

Natural Rights listed in the Dec. of Ind.

This is to that as…

Explain how it all relates to each other:


Cause & Effect / Sequencing

Explain how it all relates to each other:


The Boston Tea Party

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