Unit Topic: Benjamin Franklin History Essential Question

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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Mrs. Fernandez Grade: 2 -3rd

Mrs. Della- Pietra

Unit Topic: Benjamin Franklin

History Essential Question:

What makes Benjamin Franklin a great American?

Standards of Learning:

History SOL: The student will:

  • Understand the different accomplishments Benjamin Franklin has done in his lifetime.

  • Develop an understanding of the origins and uses of some of Franklin’s inventions.

Reading SOL: The student will:

  • Read about Benjamin Franklin and reinforce comprehension skills incorporating Main idea and details

Lesson Objectives:

Content: The student will understand that Benjamin Franklin was a successful inventor who contributions help to make our life easier and more practical.

Process: Students will study an image of Benjamin Franklin and answer the following questions given by the teacher.

  1. Write three adjectives that describes this person

  2. Does this person look like someone who lives now or long ago?

  3. What type of glasses is this person wearing in the picture?

  4. What title might you give this portrait?

  5. Why do you think this portrait was created?

Teacher will discuss questions with students and then complete a KWL chart where students will list what they know about Benjamin Franklin. Students will list five things they would like to know about Benjamin Franklin and once they have gathered information about Benjamin Franklin they will complete what they have learned on the chart at the end of this unit.

Materials : construction paper, string for the tail of the kite, popsicle sticks for the back of kite, index cards to glue illustrations of Benjamin Franklins inventions, book, shoeboxes for diorama, glue,8x10 image of Benjamin Franklin

  • Literacy Books

  1. Now & Ben : The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin by: Gene Barretta

  2. Benjamin Franklin: Extraordinary Inventor, Brave Leader By Laurence Santrey & Joann early Macken

  3. Benjamin Franklin and His First Kite By: Stephen Krensky

  4. What’s the Big Idea, Benjamin Franklin? By: Jean Fritz

Primary Source Document:

  • See attachment: A document of the bifocals drawn by Benjamin Franklin.


  • The student will document their knowledge of Benjamin Franklin by completing a kite that states four of his inventions and a brief summary of each

Lesson Procedure:

Background Knowledge and Purpose Setting:

The teacher will show students and discuss with students some of Benjamin Franklin’s inventions and how they are used in our everyday life. Teacher will show an illustration of a stove, bifocal glasses, the harmonica, and the long arm.

Before Reading: The teacher will prep the students by introducing the book that is going to be read, What’s the Big Idea, Benjamin Franklin? We will make some predictions on what the students think will be discussed in the book.

During reading: The student will be grasping the knowledge of Benjamin Franklin’s life by comprehending the story being read. The students will be in small groups with the teacher and discussing comprehension questions that are given. The students will then return back to their seat and write in their journal a summary of what was read. The students must also illustrate a picture to go with their summary.

After Reading: The students will be able to identify some important facts about Benjamin Franklin’s family, life, education, career, and inventions.

Closure: The students will complete their KWL chart. The teacher will then read, Benjamin Franklin and His First Kite, a cute story that will motivate students on their Kite project.

Extension/Differentiation: The students could:

  • Create a diorama of Benjamin Franklin’s life and inventions.

  • Create a timeline using Kidspiration depicting Benjamin Franklin’s accomplishments

Download 8.77 Kb.

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