You should just be yourself

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Am I behaving the way I should? Will I be accepted? Do I fit in? Will I be liked or hated? Do I look okay? Did I behave appropriately? I could go on and on with some more questions. Why don’t you just be yourself? You are you and nobody else. You are unique and there is nobody like you anywhere in this world. You should act like what you feel on the inside. If you are sad then be sad. If you feel happy then be happy. All extremes are bad but not being who you really are is worse. What you show on the outside should reflect how you feel on the inside. Go along with the crowd is a popular saying and also don’t create any waves. Why? Are you just like a cow in a herd? Do you need to follow somebody else? Why not create your own path? Why not chart your own course? Do you need to do what somebody else tells you to do? Can’t you find out for yourself if you feel the need to? Don’t get me wrong there are laws that are in place to sort of keep us within certain boundaries. If a person doesn’t want to abide by the laws he knows that there will be consequences to his actions even though he might not get caught. The choice is theirs. There are also consequences when we decide to abide by the rules. Everybody has been created different and everybody is an individual and everybody should be responsible for their own actions. Being yourself is also being truthful with yourself. You can’t fool yourself because you know how you really are. This is your life, it is not somebody else’s and if you try to live somebody else’s then when are you going to live your own? If you live somebody else’s life then you can blame them for your mistakes and I don’t think that is fair. Why are we always looking to blame somebody else if it is our life and our choices? Being yourself means that you are also being true to yourself. I am not saying that you should do what you want to do without caring about affecting anybody else because that will not happen. Our actions affect more people than sometimes we are aware of. Your actions should reflect who you really are and not what you are trying to be. Truly being yourself is not that hard to do. Who do you have to learn this from? Yourself. You are your best teacher because who knows more about you than yourself? You should just be yourself because you cannot be anybody else regardless of how much you learn from somebody else you cannot put yourself in their body or spirit. You might be able to walk in their shoes for a while but eventually you will want to walk in your own shoes.

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